Core activities

Baregprai, Rajshahi: Mulberry germplasm collection, conservation and development of high yielding mulberry cultivars. Development of mulberry cultivation technology, mulberry disease control and pest control technology. Improving the quality of mulberry through soil and mulberry quality testing and necessary food quality management. Breeding and conservation of silkworms and development of weather tolerant high yielding, disease resistant […]

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Silk Research:

Definition: Sericulture is a field of research that studies all aspects related to the preparation, quality, production, growth and utilization of silk. Subject Areas: Research on silk basics, silkworms, horticulture articles, silk production methods, quality, silk process, and silk preparation process etc. Stimulation of research: Research on silk can stimulate new technologies, products, and methods, […]

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Services offered to the Journal:

Publication of Research Papers: You can publish new and innovative research papers related to silk research in your journal. Conferences and Workshops: You can organize various research conferences and workshops and publish its information in journals. Video and Audio Content: You can provide video and audio content as interactive content, which can be more interesting […]

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